Auto Dealers
Mortgage Brokers
Insurance Agents

You Enroll. We Repair. You Profit.

Build your sales pipeline:

The more customers you enroll for Credit Repair Plus, the more deals you will have “Loan Ready” in the next 3, 6, 9 months and into the future. They will be qualified and ready to close and will rarely negotiate assuring high profitability.

Eliminate loan rejection:

If a customer doesn’t qualify today- why send them away and lose a potential deal? You already spent money for that customer to be at your store! Send them to your “WHEN” Department. “When” we fix their credit, we’ll send them back to you qualified and ready to close.

Offer your clients additional value:

Lower mortgage, auto, and credit card payments are just the beginning of your customers financial future. Once we fix their credit, they may qualify for lower insurance rates as well.

Big score. Even bigger savings.

Raising your credit scores, even a little, can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your auto loan and tens of thousands on your home.

If unqualified buyers are deteriorating your bottom line, you need to get Credit Repair Plus services to get you back on top. We’ll partner with you and get your customers credit ready and send them back to you….qualified and ready to close.

Auto Dealers, Mortgage brokers, banks, credit unions, insurance agents, any kind of loan officer and real estate agents or investors who get Credit Repair Plus gain the competitive edge…ethically.

Everybody comes out on top!

You profit having gained additional business exposure with a new customer. The client benefits by getting approved with exceptional low rates saving thousands of dollars throughout the life of the loan (when otherwise he/she would have been flat out denied). While Credit Repair Plus is overjoyed having been able qualify another client for their needs, create a revenue stream for the lender, while continuously growing and expanding as a credit repair company.

It’s Simple.

  • Partners enroll their customers to get Credit Repair Plus
  • Credit Repair Plus improves those customers’ credit scores.
  • Credit Repair Plus sends qualified customers back to you qualified and “Loan Ready”

It’s Profitable.
Partners who consistently send their customers to Credit Repair Plus are assured of a continuous stream of business, as customers return with improved credit scores in as little as 2-3 months and are extremely grateful, actually increasing your likelihood of a highly profitable deal with little to no negotiating.

Whether you were the victim of credit theft, noticed a bunch of items that don’t belong to you on your report or were just plain human and made a few mistakes (even big ones) we can help you get your credit back

Working Conditions

We have a unique marketing effort to co-brand our company and our referring Partners company to the customer that needs their credit repaired. Every time we speak with the credit repair customer, your company is mentioned to remind them of your dedication to their loan. And just for being enrolled by you they will receive special offers and discounts co-branded by both our companies….

  • Highly skilled staff
  • Unlimited services
  • No hidden fees
  • More sales to close

Our goal is to send your customer back as soon as possible so you can close the loan and so they can get the car or home of their dreams.

Partner Programs

Our Partner Program is great for (but not excluded to) Mortgage Companies or Automobile Dealers. You will never turn another client away for poor credit reasons. Our goal is to help you retain your client for future business.

If you are interested in partnering with Credit Repair Plus or would like to request more information, please contact us at              718-475-2087.

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